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About Corehalla

What is Corehalla is a statistics website for the game Brawlhalla.
It is designed to be as simple to use as possible, and give players all the information they need regarding the leaderboard and specific player/clan stats.
FYI: Corehalla is in early Beta there might still be bugs flying around in the code, so please, feel free to write a bug report in the Discord Server or send an E-mail to
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Corehalla was created by one person, Alfie [tldr: Hi! it's me 👋]
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How to use Corehalla

Use the sidebar to navigate through the website.
home Home • Home Page
star Leaderboard • Current Brawlhalla rankings
bar_chart My Stats • Personal stats (Click to setup)
library_books • Wiki • This button links to the current wiki until corehalla's wiki is finished
shareShare • Soon™ you'll be able to share your stats with the world using this button
infoInfo/Contact • Links to the Corehalla's Official Discord server until a proper about page is created
bug_report • Links to the Corehalla's Official Discord server

To find your stats or the stats of a specific player, just search their name on the leaderboard page then click the row corresponding to that player.
Clan search will be up and running as soon as the 2v2 search is made possible (see you in two years...), or maybe sooner (once corehalla's database is ready and secure)
Every player name or clan name is clickable & redirects to the wanted stats (Links all have a small dotted underline so that they're easily recognizable).